For QSP Products is it possible to develop, in reasonable short time, custom shaped silicone hoses from a drawing or model. We can produce according your demand. Think about special bends, different connections on a hose, or silicone hoses in different colors. Basically all is possible.

Step by step
• You can send us a 3D drawing (STEP file or CAD drawing) or an existing hose that must be reproduced. Along with this we need to know the quantities of the hose or hose set and the requested color.
• We will offer you a price for producing the tooling and the bespoke hoses.

Due the fact that we have to produce molds first before we can produce the silicone hoses, there is no possibility to produce one or two hoses.

Custom made silicone hoses made for a manufacturer of sidecars. This hose is a recuducing version with two bends in the design. Used as induction hose.

Custom made silicone hoses with a historical matt red finish. We have produced these hoses for a motorsport company who is reproducing the old Group 4 Audi Quattro rally car. All the old hoses are not available anymore. There is where QSP Products jumps in.

Custom made silicone hoses produced for a aggregate manufacturer who is operating in whole Europe.

Custom made silicone hoses produced for a truck manufacturer in The Netherlands. The hoses have a length of 152cm and inner diameter of 76mm.