Custom made Silicone Hoses

It is possible to develop, in reasonable short time, custom shaped silicone hoses from a drawing or model. We can produce according your demand. Think about special bends, different connections on a hose, or silicone hoses in different colors. Basically all is possible.

We would of course be happy to discuss the many options we can offer with you.

How does ordering custom silicone hoses work?

You can send us a 3D drawing (STEP file or CAD drawing) or an existing hose that must be reproduced. Along with this we need to know the quantities of the hose or hose set and the requested color.

We will start calculating the mold costs and the price of the hoses and will provide you with a suitable offer.

If desired, test hoses can be produced before the large production starts. This sometimes happens with products where the installation margins are very small and the customer in question wants to be sure that everything fits neatly.

When there is a definitive agreement on our quotation and the drawings / test hoses, we will start production.

The time between request and first delivery of a hose is normally between 6 and 8 weeks. It is also possible to plan Just in Time (JIT) or other stock-oriented deliveries entirely according to your wishes.

Minimum order quantity:

Because molds have to be made before production can take place, it often does not pay to produce a single hose. A custom silicone hose only becomes interesting when it is more than 20 pieces.

In many cases, for lower quantities it is more interesting to put together a hose with hoses from our basic range. An additional advantage of this is that these hoses can be delivered almost immediately from stock.

Interested in custom made silicone hoses?

Inquire about the possibilities without obligation! Contact us via or call us on +31 (0)416 348 996 to discuss the many possibilities of custom silicone hoses.

From drawing to product

In the reference overview below we have selected some of the custom silicone hose projects that we have recently produced for a wide variety of customers in different industries.

What can custom silicone hoses be used for?

The silicone hose is regularly used for making cooling water routes, for example to connect the engine to the radiator. In addition, the hoses can also be used as an air hose, for example connecting a heating system or an intercooler to a vehicle or machine. Silicone hoses are perfect to use as a turbo hose or intercooler hose because each silicone hose is provided with various reinforcement layers.

For example, the polyester inlays ensure that the hoses can withstand higher pressures and pressure differences, without the hose collapsing. Each diameter has its own maximum working pressure.

If you have any doubts about whether a custom silicone hose is also the ideal application for your project, please contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities.